Our Team

ScreWorX began with virtually nothing but knowledge, understanding of the desired product, and a few die-hard believers to support us.

We took incredible risks and faced nearly insurmountable challenges to get where we are today. But we plowed through, never lost sight of our vision, relied on tremendous internal support from our shareholders, and persevered.

This journey has helped us become the solid, tireless, enthusiastic company we are today, dedicated to innovating the industry and making our planet better for all.

President, CEO

Samantha Western

Samantha Western has been involved in business and entrepreneurial endeavors all of her adult life. She grew up working in her father’s floral and nursery business which she used to learn every aspect of working in and running a successful, multi-location company. After college, Samantha invested the bulk of her time back in the family business where she sharpened her business skills prior to venturing out on her own.

For almost a decade Samantha built and operated a very successful landscape design firm. Samantha now serves as ScreWorX’s visionary, while maintaining oversight of all aspects of the business.

From finance and contract negotiation, to plant management and client relationship development, Samantha’s high energy level and keen sense of entrepreneurship are a perfect match for a fast-growing business.

Director of Technology

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has been in the manufacturing business for nearly 25 years. Specializing in extrusion processes and technologies, Mike was one of the pioneers behind breakthrough products such as wood composite decking.

Mike is the inventor of numerous patents for his work in cryogenic processes as well as for several other cutting edge heating and cooling technologies. At ScreWorX, Mike oversees the development of all new products and methodologies, and can usually be found in the R&D department getting his hands dirty working out the details on new products.

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