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Manufacturing plants are set up on a regional basis to produce premium cattle feed supplements. Our team of engineers will design a plant for your specific needs, based on location, output requirements, and individualized marketing plans.

For years, farmers and feed companies alike have struggled to create feed cubes using dried distillers grains, a highly nutritious by-product of the ethanol production process, but the integrity of the end product was questionable at best.

Customizable Feed Plant in Action

Using dried distiller grains as a protein supplement is not a new idea. Farmers and ranchers have been feeding DDGs to cattle for 20 years, which until now, wasn’t exactly the most efficient way to do business.

Range Cubes

For the first time ever, 100% dry distiller’s grains with solubles are available in cubes. A new patented process can now create a hard distiller’s cube that won’t crumble. These cubes can be fed on the ground without high wastage or wind losses. A convenient, quality feed for cows, stockers or calves.

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Calf Cubes

These convenient mini’s can be fed to calves, goats and deer. This new patented process creates a hard distiller’s mini-cube that won’t crumble. These cubes can be fed in a bunk or on the ground without wastage or wind losses.

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Traditionally, there have been two ways to produce these cubes, either using binders and fillers in an attempt to hold the cubes together, which decreased the nutritional value, or using 100 percent distillers grains; either way the cubes would fall apart before they could be delivered resulting in the farmer having to buy and feed twice as often in order to get the desired nutrition to the cattle.

Through our patent protected state-of-the-art process, ScreWorX has developed a method which attains optimum cube integrity and nutritional value in a very compact and efficient cube, which doesn’t fall apart.

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