Tub Press System

Our patented Automated Tub Press System technology and equipment produces 200-pound Supplement tubs, also known as Lick Tubs, without the use of binders or limiters. Consumption rate is controlled solely through the density of the product in the tub. Vitamins and minerals may be added as required or requested by the market.

The advantages of the ScreWorx Automated Tub Press System

  • This unique system has the capacity to operate at a minimum of 60 tons/day.
  • Delivers a pre-defined rate of feed to the subject, controlled by density
  • Maintains the highest nutritional values in the grain
  • Maintains stability during shipping, with zero loss from manufacture to dinner
  • Billet will not fall out if the tub is kicked over


How ScreWorx Automated Tub Press System works


The ScreWarX Tub Press System is powered by an extruder which conditions the dry distillers or brewers grain and drops the grain into a weigh hopper.


The grain then fills the empty tub and top hat for pressing.


The tub travels via conveyor to a pressing station, where the grain is compressed by a hydraulic ram at a preset pressure.


The hydraulic ram maintains the pressure on the tub until the material has hardened. Once hardened, the tubs again travel via conveyor to the weighed station and then shrink-wrapped for storage.


System Performance

This system will demonstrate the effectiveness of producing Supplement Tubs, unique in the market, at a rate of 60 tons per day, or greater, which commands a premium price due to a consistent consumption rate and the lack of additives or limiters, while delivering the highest nutritional value.

A few of our happy customers

Supplement Tub

ScreWorx makes it convenient to feed distillers grains on the range with Supplement Tubs. You already know the advantages and cost savings of using distillers grains, and the tubs make it easier to feed your herd. Put the pre-filled tubs in the back of your pickup and take them where they’re needed. (Get a hand loading these—there’s 200 lbs in each one!) A free-choice supplement with added vitamins and minerals for pasture or roughage rations used for continuous feeding; expected intake is 1–3 pounds per head daily.

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