We’ve come a long way, and we’re always moving forward

Our Start

The first trade show ScreWorX attended as an exhibitor was in June of 2011. We had a table, a bucket of our range cubes, and a vision. We had no building, no equipment, no employees. But we had made one 22 ton truckload of something we were told was impossible – simply could not be done.

A 100% Dry Distillers Grain (DDG) range cube – with no binders or fillers, that stays together through all handling processes. We knew the potential of the market and the technology – we believed we could change the industry. We knew, even then, that we were not limited to Cattle Feed Supplements – but everyone’s got to start somewhere!

So we got a building, bought and manufactured equipment, hired a few individuals, applied for patents, and off we went.

2011 FEW Show

Since those early days in 2011, we have gone from the ability to make 170 lbs./hour of 100% Natural DDG range cubes to our equipment currently offering a rate of 4 tons per hour for cubes and pellets, with only increases in run rates in our future. Along our journey, we have also processed hundreds of different materials and can bulk densify nearly anything for over-seas shipping, other feeds, biomass and bioenergy – just to name a few.

Not only that, but we have been able to develop, build, and patent a most unique and game-changing dryer system for which the sky’s the limit. It began as a replacement for conventional dryers for the Ethanol industry. As we discovered, it can be used in hundreds, if not thousands of different industries, replacing old, dangerous, outdated machinery with our simpler, more cost-effective, reliable, and safe systems. Our only limit is our imagination.

ScreWorX Inc. Overview Video

What makes us the best

ScreWorX began with virtually nothing but knowledge, understanding of the desired product, and a few die-hard believers to support us. We took incredible risks and faced nearly insurmountable challenges to get where we are today. But we plowed through, never lost sight of our vision, relied on tremendous internal support from our shareholders, and persevered.

This journey has helped us become the solid, tireless, enthusiastic company we are today, dedicated to innovating the industry and making our planet better for all.

ScreWorX is committed to the manufacturing, development, and the distribution of innovative, ground-breaking technology to produce environmentally friendly products that you trust. Our pioneering technology and manufacturing process has been 25 years in the making, creating a densification process that is more streamlined and efficient.

Innovative, one-of-a-kind technology

At ScreWorX, we strive to be the leaders of the industry not only for our technology and innovations but for our dedication and commitment to you. By staying true to our core beliefs and the foundation of the business, we are able to share our innovative success with you bringing cattle the nutrition they need and farmers the peace of mind they deserve. Our customers are who inspire us to be the best, and we will stop at nothing to get there.

Nationwide 5 Sales Partnership

By joining with a group of like-minded, forward thinking businessmen, ScreWorX has formed a partnership, Nationwide 5 (NW5), to sell and license its feed and dryer technology and equipment across the country and around the world.

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